Upcoming publications, film and TV on the occasion of the Erasmus Prize to Michèle Lamont

11 October 2017
Several publications and film and TV screening will take place on the occasion of the Erasmus Prize to Michèle Lamont.


Film choice by Michèle Lamont
For NTR, the Dutch public broadcaster, Lamont selected and introduces three documentaries that relate to her field of research. The documentaries and introductions will air on NPO Cultura on 30 November, 7 December and 14 December at 7.45 PM. NPO Cultura is available via the cable on the channels Ziggo 222 and KPN 88, and via NPO Start on the website www.NPO.nl

Erasmus Essay by Michèle Lamont
‘Prisms of Inequality: Moral Boundaries, Academic Excellence and Experiences of Exclusion.’

In the series of Erasmus Essays from the Praemium Erasmianum Foundation, on the occasion of the 2017 Erasmus Prize.

De Nederlandse Boekengids
The bimonthly periodical about non-fiction devoted its November issue to the Erasmus Prize annual theme: ‘Knowledge, Power and Diversity’. With articles and essays by such authors as Josien Arts, Judith Elshout, Anouk Kootstra and Kristof Smeyers.