Daniëlla A. Dam-de Jong

Winner Dissertation Prize 2015

International Law and Governance of Natural Resources in Conflict and Post-Conflict Situations.

Supervisors: professor N.J. Schrijver, professor L.J. van den Herik
Nomination: Leiden University, Leiden Law School

Report of the Selection Committee

Many armed conflicts, for example in Angola and Congo, are funded with revenue from natural resources such as diamonds, gold, wood and oil. Two main questions arise: How can we prevent those resources from being deployed for warfare? And how can we improve the management of those resources in a way that helps solve armed conflict? This thesis investigates how international law can play a more effective role in that process. Daniëlla Dam does this in a systematic and original manner. The analysis offered in this thesis is based on solid foundations. The book is highly relevant to both scholarship and practice, an achievement for which the author deserves high praise.