Paul J.J.M. Bakker

Winner Dissertation Prize 2000

La raison et le miracle; les doctrines eucharistiques (c. 1250- c. 1400)

Supervisors: Prof. Dr H.A.G. Braakhuis, Prof. Dr Z. Kaluza, Dr. M.J.F.M. Hoenen
Nomination: Nijmegen University, Faculty of Philosophy

Report by the selection committee

This study provides an overview of the major developments in Eucharistic theology during the main period of medieval university theology. The first part is devoted to three main questions: the question of the presence of the body of Christ in the consecrated Host, the question of the change through which this presence is brought about and the question of the ontological status of the forms of bread and wine after consecration. These questions form the doctrinal core of the medieval Eucharistic tracts and they provoked a debate between theology and philosophy. The second part is a literary study of a number of Eucharistic tracts from the period 1350-1400. This is an extensive work of an interdisciplinary nature which moves with great ease within the above-mentioned areas of interest. The book is also of relevance to medievalists in general, for example to scholars engaged in research on the Reformation and the post-Reformation period. The questions surrounding the Eucharist are a most important point in the history of the church and theology. In a systematic approach, the author presents new material which is thoroughly underpinned and meticulously elaborated.