The Erasmus Prize 1968 has been awarded to Henry Moore

  • because, receptive to the process of sculptural renewal which, through cubism and futurism, originated in continental Europe, he has, magnificently and convincingly, participated in the second phase of this process, thus enabling his own country – which at first failed to play a role of any significance – to take a prominent place in the world of sculpture;
  • because, in so doing, he has brought the innate English sense of scenery and the nature of materials to bear upon the recreation of the human figure – referred to by himself as a ‘humanist organic element of fundamental importance in sculpture -, thereby expressing both the background of ancient world cultures and the spirit of present-day life;
  • because, in the conflict between the abstract and the figurative, he has, by creating 20th century archetypes defined by new forms and the nature of the material, contributed considerably to the rebirth of European sculpture.