Article 2 of the Constitution of the Praemium Erasmianum Foundation reads as follows: Within the context of the cultural traditions of Europe in general and the ideas of Erasmus in particular, the aim of the Foundation is to enhance the position of the humanities, social sciences and the arts. The emphasis is on tolerance, cultural pluralism and non-dogmatic, critical thinking. The Foundation tries to achieve this aim through the award of prizes and by other means. A money prize is awarded under the name of Erasmus Prize.

In accordance with this article, the Board of the Praemium Erasmianum Foundation has decided to award the Erasmus Prize for the year 2011 to professor Joan Busquets.

The Prize is awarded to professor Busquets on the following grounds:

Mr Busquets has an impressive, international oeuvre of city planning projects, best described as programmes for the improvement of the infrastructure of the city.

Mr Busquets takes the view that sustainable cities in the future should be equipped with user-friendly structures and public places.

In his working practice mr Busquets is non-dogmatic and flexible, always leaving room for adaptations and changes, seeking consensus among all stakeholders.

He bases his plans on thorough historical analysis of all aspects of an assignment, in this way ensuring that his solutions fit in well with historical and other physical elements of the environment.

As professor and teacher, mr Busquets involves students in his work and thus stimulates a new generation of urban planners to follow in his footsteps.