Research Prizes

Mark Dechesne
PhD dissertation:
Flexible and Rigid Reactions to Reminders of Mortality. Some Further Explorations of Terror Management Theory

'Death is a strong source of reflexion, fear and inspiration'. A great many philosophers, theologians and artists dedicated their life's work to the fear of death. But the empirically orientated psychology has hardly profited from this fact. This thesis changes all this. The articles in the dissertation of Mark Dechesne describe a theoretical cadre and an empirical programme on the basis of which the influence of the unique human consciousness of mortality on our daily functioning is analysed in an experimental way. The dissertation gives a new understanding of 'terror management theory', a theory that indicates the consciousness of one's own mortality as the fundamental principle in effecting social behaviour. Concepts from different social science traditions are used to offer new predictions on the effect of a recollection of death on social behaviour. Subsequently these predictions are tested in very creative experiments. The dissertation has a scientific as well as a social importance. The further development of terror management theory receives a great deal of interest internationally. Especially after 11 September 2001 are contributions like this of great importance as they add to the development of a psychological perspective on terrorism and fear.

Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Nijmegen
Supervisors: Prof. A.F.M. van Knippenberg, Prof. J.A.P.J. Janssen