Tineke Rooijakkers

Winnaar Dissertatieprijs 2017


Dress Norms and Markers: A Comparative Study of Coptic Identity and Dress in the Past and Present

Promotor: Prof. dr. B. ter Haar Romeny
Copromotoren: Dr. M. Immerzeel, Dr. G. Vogelsang-Eastwood
Voordracht: Vrije Universiteit, Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen

Overwegingen van de Selectiecommissie

This dissertation stands out in its combination of archaeological and anthropological approaches to the important element of dress as an identity marker. It offers fascinating insights into Coptic life in everyday Egypt in the late antique/medieval and contemporary period. Insights about how dress works across the public and the private spheres. The aim of understanding the role of dress in the construction of a religious group identity is being delved into by the author in a very elaborate and conscientious manner, only to emerge out of the dusty rubble with a crystal clear comparative analysis. Remarkably, the argument that emerges about ‘difference’, is it not being the primary marker of Coptic dress in relation to the Muslim community. This highly readable book, beautifully presented, goes beyond its specific topic in making us think about conceptions of minority populations in general, and gender roles through the ages in particular.